Commercial Aircraft Platforms

Commercial aircraft platforms are one of the most important assets we have in our industry today. Not only do they provide maintenance crews with the safe access needed for their duties, but they also allow teams to provide the quick response necessary to get aircraft and rotor craft back into the friendly skies with more speed.

Finding the correct commercial aircraft platform for your needs doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Here are the various options that are available today and the benefits that each is able to provide.

1. Daily Maintenance Platforms

 Regular maintenance and inspections are an ongoing process. You need to have an aircraft platform that will be flexible enough to work in various situations, yet also be able to provide crew access to multiple workers at times. A daily maintenance platform is lightweight enough to go just about anywhere, but still offer the durability and stability that your job duties demand.

The B-Series stands would also be included with this category. They may be a little cumbersome for some tasks, especially in terms of maneuverability, but you’ll still receive the access you need for a price that doesn’t break the budget.

This type of commercial aircraft platform is designed more for light maintenance duties and regular inspections. If you have extensive maintenance or repairs that need to be completed, we recommend looking at one of our other platform options that are available.

2. Wrap-Around Aircraft Platforms

This is the type of platform needed when your team will be working on the entire aircraft or rotor craft. These commercial aircraft platforms do what their title implies – they provide complete access to the aircraft or rotor craft by wrapping around each section. The benefit this type of platform provides is the on-board air and electrical services that are available at key location points. This makes maintenance crews more effective because they have everything they need to get their job done right there on the platform.

Most of the platforms that are currently available in this category are designed for in-hangar use. They can be erected quickly and dismantled effectively when the job is completed so you can focus more of your time on what you do best.

3. Section Specific Commercial Aircraft Platforms

Maybe you don’t need to wrap an entire aircraft or rotor craft with a platform. Maybe you just need to work on the tail section of an aircraft. In that instance, a section specific commercial aircraft platform makes more sense. Each section of the aircraft can have its own specific platform, including the nose, the fuselage, or the landing gear and brake assembly.

These platforms have the same advantages of a wrap-around platform, but are more affordable because you’re targeting a specific section. This also gives the platform a little extra portability if you service similar aircraft or rotor craft makes and models, reducing the potential number of platforms that may need to be available.

Many of the platforms in this category are suitable for use outdoors as well as in the hangar. Look for quality features like locking stairs and high quality wheel brakes to achieve the best possible results.

4. Custom Commercial Aircraft Platforms

Sometimes an aircraft-specific platform just isn’t what you need. You may need something more permanent than a daily use maintenance platform, but still need the platform to be flexible enough that it could be used every day if called upon. In these situations, your best option is a custom commercial aircraft platform.

Custom platforms meet or exceed the same government safety standards that their standardized counterparts are designed to meet. The same lightweight and corrosion-resistant materials are used to give your platform the strong backbone a modern maintenance crew requires. On-board electrical and air services are also a possibility.

You receive all of the features that you need and pay for none that you do not. In many instances, a completely customized aircraft platform is competitive in price to aircraft-specific models because you stay in full control of the design, sizing, and features required.

Commercial aircraft platforms give you the safe and reliable access you need to perform your maintenance and inspection duties on a regular basis.

Our team is standing by right now to answer any questions you may have about the type of platform you may need. We can also talk about customization options and what makes sense for your current situation.

It’s time to stop settling for your second-best option. Save time and invest into yourself by choosing the right commercial aircraft platform to meet your needs today.

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