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Industrial and Commercial Equipment financing allows you to afford the custom aircraft platform you need to work safely & effectively. Find out how low your payments could be today.

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Hello and welcome to custom aircraft platforms, an innovative and forward-thinking aircraft platform company that offers creative and technologically savvy solutions. Our company provides modern and made-to-order solutions that emphasize safety and are made to last. We are often asked questions about financing for our custom platforms, so I wanted to briefly cover that topic. We offer financing that allows you to retain control. The amount of money you pay monthly is tax deductible, which reduces your overall net obligation. By paying in monthly installations, you will know in advance what your budget obligations are ahead of time. No time is better than now to begin the qualification process. If you have an estimate on how much your platform will cost, or you have received an answer to an RFQ, send us that amount with your email address and we will get back to you with the options. If you’re ready to purchase right now and you want to qualify for funding, we offer an easy form. We will not need your financial information or tax returns. It is our objective to offer financing programs as quickly as possible and at the best rates, so please contact our service representatives with any questions and we will get back to you with a timely response. With one simple request, you will gain the flexibility you need. Click the link below to get started and enjoy a new platform sooner than you ever thought possible.