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Saint Petersburg, FL, October 31, 2016 – Custom Aircraft Platforms, a global leader in the design, engineering, and manufacturing is excited to announce an expansion in the services provided to their subscribers all over the world. Over the years, companies and aircraft owners have effectively been able to maintain their aircraft through the services provided by custom aircraft platforms. A varied number of Mobile Access Platforms, Truck Access Platform, and Ladder Access Platforms have been supplied in recent times.


Custom Aircraft Platforms now offers a complete line of service ‘’Supplying Aircraft Access and Maintenance Ladders’’ to individuals and cooperate organizations to suit the needs for all types of Aircraft models. Working at height by Aircraft maintenance technicians offers potential for accidents. Using the correct equipment like the aircraft access and maintenance ladders may help to prevent potential accidents.


Supplying aircraft access and maintenance ladder has become an added service among the vast range of services delivered by custom aircraft platforms. These services include; Provision of Aircraft Fuselage Maintenance Platforms, Aircraft Engine Maintenance Platforms, Aircraft Nose Maintenance Platforms, and Aircraft Tail Maintenance Platforms. They also provide flight line Aircraft Maintenance Platforms, Aircraft Wing Maintenance Platforms, Height Adjustable Aircraft Maintenance Platforms, and Full Phase Aircraft Maintenance Platforms.


This innovation by Custom Aircraft Platforms provides safe and efficient access, inspection and maintenance of any models of aircraft. ‘’Our All-Purpose Aircraft Access Ladders & Helicopter Maintenance ladders is accessible from both sides. The wide leg stance supported by stretchers provides an added margin of stability. Castors and the lightweight, yet durable, aluminium construction, allows for easy manoeuvrability’’ said Vasquez.


Vasquez also added, ‘’ we also offer custom maintenance platform solutions to meet specific needs like,

  • Scissor Lift Maintenance Platforms.
  • Engine Access Maintenance Ladders.
  • Engine Maintenance Stands.

 Whether you need to perform a quick inspection or a complete engine overhaul, our aircraft engine maintenance platforms are designed to meet all of your needs.’’


The mission of Custom Aircraft Platforms is to supply aircraft access and maintenance ladders manufactured by HELILADDER to aid individuals or technicians easy access to any part of the aircraft for maintenance. These equipment can be broken down into components and quickly reassembled with a minimum of downtime.

About Custom Aircraft Platforms

Custom Aircraft Platforms provide innovative and forward-thinking aircraft platform solutions that are guaranteed to amplify users’ experience. The aircraft platforms the company provides capitalize upon the strengths to serve the current and future needs of the market with an innovative and customized solution. Custom Aircraft Platforms provides a modern and made-to-order solution that also facilitate a meaningful and profitable presence.  These aircraft platforms allow users to serve the aircraft native to users current location with an emphasis on safety. For more information, visit: