What You Need To Know Before Purchase a Custom Aircraft Platform

 Every custom maintenance platform and aircraft platform needs to meet certain occupational safety standards. The last thing you need to have happen is an accident that can be faulted to using the wrong equipment or platform. It’s not just the platform itself that must meet or exceed these standards. Any stairways and ladders associated with the platform must also follow specific guidelines.

Before purchasing any custom aircraft platform, ask if it meets hand rail, guard rail, and other miscellaneous safety guidelines. This way you can make sure you’re receiving a high quality product for the investment you’re about to make.

That’s not the only subject you’ll need to review before you finalize a purchase. Here’s some more information you need to know so you can be confident in the order you’re about to place.


  1. Many non-skid and non-slip materials are independently manufactured.

    If you are purchasing a custom aircraft platform which offers non-skid or non-slip features that are not associated with metal texturing, then there’s a good chance that the items are being manufactured by a third-party. Ask for the name of this manufacturer. Then go to ThomasNet to see if the manufacturer is listed and what brands are represented. The information should match up. If it doesn’t, then it’s time to find a new custom aircraft platform supplier.

  2. There are different aluminum alloys that may be used.

    Aluminum is a common metal used for custom aircraft platforms because it is so versatile. Yet what is often not communicated to the customer is the actual grade of the aluminum being used. This metal comes in several different shapes and grades and the wrong one could create devastating consequences for you in the future. This guide to choosing the right aluminum grade will help you find the correct alloy to use – then ask about the alloy being used for your new platform.

  3. Get your dimensions and then confirm them twice.

    Maybe you’ve seen some of the humor posts of customers who purchased products on Amazon without confirming their dimensions. It’s funny if you buy a tiny rug, assuming you can get your money refunded. It’s not so funny if your dimensions are off when you’re purchasing a custom platform. For this reason, we highly recommend that you measure your own dimensions and then confirm the final dimensions at least twice to make sure the platform meets your expectations.

  4. Get to know your preferred maintenance platform supplier on a personal level.

    Business has been and always will be about relationships. The goal should be to create a repetition of a beneficial transaction for both parties every single time. To make repetition possible, you’ve got to know what your supplier will build on your behalf and your supplier needs to get to know you. The benefit of doing this is that should something unforeseen happen, you’ll have contacts in place that can quickly make things right for you.

  5. Know your current inventory.

    Although custom aircraft platforms and aircraft specific platforms are the two best products our industry produces right now, that doesn’t mean they are your only options. Sometimes you have maintenance platforms that can safely pull double duty for you. It’s important to take current stock of your inventory to make sure you need to make an investment in the first place.

  6. Pay attention to what the competition is doing.

    Could you also get a similar deal if you contacted this place? Is the quality of the platforms equal or better to the ones you’re currently ordering? Do the platforms meet or exceed the current government safety standards that are mandated for your product? Sometimes a great deal really is what it seems to be, but more often than not, saving money means cutting down on the quality of final product received.

  7. Understand the impact of your product.

    Your custom aircraft platforms are going to give you opportunities to increase profit dollars, earn higher margins, and eventually even produce more lucrative contracts for your agency. To understand how your platform benefits you, it becomes necessary to create metrics that measure each task your team completes on a regular basis. Compare the metrics from the old equipment to the new equipment and you’ll see what is improving – or what may be sliding backward on you.

 Purchasing a custom aircraft platform or maintenance platform for your business needs can be beneficial to your bottom line. It only pays off if you know what you’re purchasing ahead of time so that you can measure its value. Follow these steps, contact us with any questions you may have, and it would be an honor if you choose us for your next need in this area.

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