Aircraft Tail Maintenance Platforms

Aircraft Tail Maintenance Platforms

 One of the biggest challenges maintenance personnel face with aircraft today is tail access. There are 4 standard tail designs and all of them may come through for maintenance at some point in time. This is why modern aircraft tail maintenance platforms must be able to conform to the tail section design, yet still be flexible enough to handle a standard dorsal/ventral fin combination or a twin-tail aircraft.

There’s also the issue of height when accessing the tail of an aircraft. If your maintenance personnel need to access the tail section of a Boeing 737, then you may need to access components that are as high as a 5 story building. Yet you may also need to access the tail section of your aircraft outdoors because you don’t have a hangar to handle the size of aircraft you’ve been asked to inspect and/or maintain.

Better Safety Provides Better Confidence

That’s why an investment into a modern aircraft tail maintenance platform is to your advantage. We offer cantilever tail dock systems, aircraft model-specific tail maintenance docks, and other systems/platforms that are easy to erect and disassemble so you can move from task to task with ease. Our maintenance platforms meet or exceed safety standards, giving your personnel the opportunity to access an aircraft with their tools without worry.

Confident maintenance personnel create positive results. This is why a customized aircraft tail maintenance platform can provide you today.

If you’re using other platform designs to access the tail section of the aircraft that come through, then it’s time to take a look at what our tail platforms can provide you today. With better access, fast assembly, and durable materials that can withstand your local environment, the productivity gains you may experience could offset this investment faster than you may realize.

Let us know what your needs may be today and together we’ll find a solution that works best for you.

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