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Custom Aircraft Platforms Shipping Policy

Custom Aircraft Platforms: Shipping Policy

 At Custom Aircraft Platforms, we take the creation process seriously from the first moment of building to the last moment of installation. Please be assured that your items will ship out in a timely fashion based on the type of order you are creating. Platforms which require extensive customization will typically take longer to ship out than orders of platforms that have a standard setup.

We may utilize a variety of shipping carriers to fulfill your order. Our decisions are based on your geographic location, the type of products that have been purchased, and how soon you wish to have your order received. We encourage all customers to speak with our service personnel at (727) 388-8398 before placing an order if you have specific shipping needs that must be fulfilled or may be located at a difficult delivery location.

For most of our products, we must be able to ship to a physical address. We are generally unable to ship to Post Office boxes or similar addresses.

If you have reached this shipping policy page in an effort to estimate when your order may be delivered, please note that authorization for payment and verification of its authenticity takes place prior to processing it and this may take 48-72 hours depending on when your order was placed. Certain payment methods may take up to 14 days.

Deliveries generally occur Monday – Friday during regular business hours, but holidays are generally excluded.

Please contact our sales and customer service department if you require expediting shipping for your order. Costs are dependent on the size and scope of each order. Sales taxes may also apply to your order.