Why Tug Tech Is an Industry Leader

 For ground crews around the world, speed and safety are two critical metrics that are incorporated into almost every completed task. Whether an aircraft needs to be loaded, unloaded, or just needs general service support, Tug Tech provides crews with the reliable ground service equipment that will help meet even the toughest of turnaround times.

There are a number of GSE options provided by Tug Tech for crews and contracts large or small. There are options that fit into almost every budget. What could your service crews use to improve the services they provide today?


Tug Tech Baggage Tractors:

If you have an early morning flight that has thousands of pounds of freight to load in addition to the normal baggage, then you need to have ground service equipment that will let your crews make as few trips back and forth as possible. The Tug Tech baggage tractors are designed to work with your current cart setup while providing extra space in the back for those emergency runs you sometimes need to make.

You get the baggage loaded safely and the freight loaded quickly while reducing the risks of damage. That’s a win/win situation for any crew.


TUG Air Starts:

When it’s time to start the engines of an aircraft, a high quality air start unit can save a ground crew and a flight crew from a major headache. The best air starts have high power-to-weight ratios, but stay cool so they can be used time and time again. Tug Tech offers four different categories of air starts that can be hooked up to virtually any tractor so you can start flight after flight with ease.

Tug Tech offers the Air Start 150/180, Air Start 250, Air Start 270, and Air Start 400 for your consideration. Each model has certain strengths that will save you time and money, making this GSE option one of the best investments you can make right now.


Tug Tech Cargo Tractors:

This is your aviation-based heavy duty transportation solution. Four different models can allow your ground crews to effectively transport cargo to and from each flight. You’ll also receive the reliable transportation needed with these tractors to move equipment and supplies from site to site at your location. Need to restock a flight? Done. Have unexpected cargo that’s flying out in 15 minutes or less? Your crew can meet the deadline.


TUG Belt Loaders:

Survey ground crews around the world and you’ll find that the belt loader is the one vehicle that everyone loves to drive. It’s also one of your most essential GSE options when you have large baggage and freight loading or unloading needs. The right belt loader will help you effectively stack cargo bins, make deliveries, and do so without damage or injury.

Tug Tech offers the TUG 440E, TUG 660, and TUG 660E as options to help you meet your contracted obligations.


Tug Tech GPUs:

This GSE option is the lifeblood of what you do. Without power, you have a difficult time servicing an aircraft unless you keep the APU running – and that can be a costly proposition. Tug Tech provides numerous sizes of ground power units so that contracts large and small can be met with the quality you demand. Start-ups and hook-ups are simple and the power streams are consistent so that your people can work on turning around a flight as quickly as possible.

GPUs are also essential for certain maintenance and inspection tasks that you may need to complete. From the 28V TUG Magnum to the 400/180 GPU, you’ll have plenty of choices that can meet virtually any budget.


TUG Pushbacks and Tractors:

Whether you’re servicing regional aircraft or jumbos, Tug Tech has established a solid reputation for their pushback and general tow tractor product lines. When you get behind the wheel of these workhorses, you’ll know that you can reliably position aircraft into parking or taxing positions without difficulty.

You can also have confidence in this GSE that will help you bring back a malfunctioning aircraft should the need arise. If the brakes lock up and you need to bring an aircraft back into the gate, Tug Tech provides you the power needed to make that happen.

From air conditioners to government units to the ground support equipment your crews use every day, Tug Tech makes some of the most reliable options that are available in our industry today. If you’re looking to take your contract services to the next level, then we highly recommend taking a look at what TUG products can provide you today.